Drs. Giancarlo & Michelle Gutierrez

Doctors Giancarlo and Michelle Thompson Gutierrez have relocated their offices from Sterling, Virginia, where they have practiced for the last 12 years. Dr. Michelle, a native of Montgomery County, Georgia and Dr. Giancarlo (Dr. G to his patients), a native of Fairfax County, VA, both graduated Cum Laude from Life University in 1996 before marrying and moving to Virginia.

The doctors bring with them the latest technological advances and methods in their field including:

*DECOMPRESSION therapy for patients who experience neck and back problems....Patients with disc herniations, bulges, and degeneration have marveled at the results this new and advanced treament has achieved in relieving pain and discomfort.

*COLD LASER therapy specifically designed for soft tissue injuries of the shoulders, knees and back, as well as the repetitive injuries received from carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow. True pain relief is available which often eliminates surgical alternatives.

*REHABILITATIVE therapy with emphasis placed on nutrition, exercise and the strengthening of core muscle and connective tissue. Emphasis in these areas is not only important for overall health, but a must for patients to gain lasting improvement which endures the passage of time.

During their 12 years of practice the doctors have treated scores of patients-from infants to geriatrics-with neck and back pain because that is what their profession is most often associated with. But most people are wonderfully surprised and exceedingly grateful when they find the doctors' holistic approach not only relieves immediate pain, but results in eliminations or reduction of a variety of maladies, including headache and sinus issues. As a testiment to the success of this treatment, Dr. Michelle has herself been treated since birth with chiropractic methods and not only experiences great physical health, she rarely gets "sick" even from common ailments.

Dr. G also attests first hand to the success of chiropractic treatments. Having been raised in a medical family (His father practiced as an MD for 42 years.), Dr. G attended Boston University and earned a B.S. degree in General Health Sciences with a concentration in Cardiopulmonary Health Science and Exercise Physiology and was expected to follow his father into the medical field. But Dr. G had undergone unsuccessful ankle surgery as the result of a high school basketball injury, and it continued to plague him throughout his college days. Not long after this unsuccessful surgery Dr. G met a chiropractor who would introduce him to a therapy that not only changed his physical health, but would change his chosen career.