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Advanced Chiropractic


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317 South Main Street
Statesboro GA 30458


I have been a patient of Dr. Giancarlo Gutierrez for approximately 8 years and higly reccommend him.I was fortunatre enough to finf him after suffering years of neck and back pain as a result of my job. I have been a Fairfax County firefighter/paramedic for 19 years and sincerely doubt that I would have gotten this far without him.

Prior to finding Dr. Gutierrez, I had seen an orthopedist that told me that my problem was that I had one leg longer than the other. He gave me orthopedic shoe inserts (both were exactly the same height) to remedy the problem. Neddless to say, they did not work. I went to get evaluated by Dr. G who correctly informed me that I was misaligned and proceeded to successfully fix the problem as well as reduce the scoliosis in mu thoracic spine and adjust my neck, so I had full turning range to the right

Dr. Gutierrez is extremely knowledgeable and gas on every occassion succeeded in eradicating my back, neck, foot, hip, wrist/hand and sinus headache, using pressure points ans chiropractic adjustments. His physical assessments are extremely accurate. Many times he has been able to figure out what was bothering me without me having to tell him.

His knowledge of anatomy/phsio;ogy far exceeds and taditional doctor that I have ever see. he has been able to determine what went wrong with every injury/ailment that I have had instantly without referring to any of his resources.

Dr. Gutierrez has kept up with the latest treatments and advances in his field: his laser therapy was extremely helpful in accerating the healing of my post surgical knee. He is also an excellent source of information on preventive and rehabilitative measures that one can take to stay healthy and pain free.

I could go on and on about his outstanding ability as a chiropractor. I cannot recommend him enough and seriously do not know where I would be without him. Georgia's gain is North Virginia's loss. If you were lucky enough to find him, you came to the right place!


Where do I begin? It's like yesterday, October 15, 2004, walking into your office. I could hardly move and was living the life of a couch potato. Every muscle and joint ached. I had been to doctors with no solutions except to say, "live with it for its going to get worse. Some just wrote prescriptions which did nothing to help with the problem nor to relieve the pain.

Not only did you address my problems, you educaterd me with knowledge about how the body works. you taught me to listen to my body and to limit myself, which is still a hard thing for me to do.

it is so liberating to wake up and not hurt. For this I thank you and will miss you.

Heres to you Dr. G, much success and happiness on this new adventure.


October 7, 2008, I had shoulder surgery. I went through physical therapy twice and the shoulder was no better than before I had surgery. My physician suggested that I have an MRI to see what was going on, which I did. After this he suggested that I might have to have surgery again, with no guarantee of the pain being relieved. At this point my arm and shoulder were in pain all the time, and I did not have full use of the arm.

I saw Dr. Gutierrez's advertisment on T.V., and decided to call and make an appointment. The best thing I ever did. That was in May of 2009. Since seeing Dr. Gutierrez I am no longer in pain and have full use of my arm.

Thank you Dr. G!


Dr. Gutierrez was the first of four doctors to provide me with relief for my neck and shoulder pain. I had previously seen other doctors with little to no results. Dr. Gutierrez quickly identified several problems I had, gave me an explanation for my symptoms, and began to provide solutions to get me functioning almost immediately. Thanks to the staff at Advanced Chiropractic and Wellness Center I am able to resume life again.



From your first meeting, Dr. G will put you at ease as he seeks to learn all that he can about your condition without judging you in any way. He is your body's best advocate, trying to understand where your pains are and how they came to be.

His adjustments are gentle, consistent, and thorough. He won't let you leave your appointment until and unless you are feeling some relief on that day. And you will feel lighter and better every time you leave his office.

His care goes well beyond the adjustment however.

He puts his intelligence and curiosity to work for your well being as helps you uncover underlying issues that may contribute too your condition, including allergies and environmental stressors. Then he helps manage those factors.

He is a vast resource on preventive health care for colds, flu, chronic sinus infections, and of course all manner of back and joint issues.

He has articles he freely shares, supplements on hand and recommendations to other health care providers. He is concerned with what is essential to your overall well being.

His good humor, collaborative demeanor, and commitment to my welfare are irreplaceable.

You are so lucky to be in Dr. G's woderful care. So very, very lucky! Your gain is our loss up here in Northeren Virginia, but because he is such an extraordinary doctor, I cannot begrudge you and your good fortune.

Here is to good fortune and good health!


Our family is so thankful that our paths crossed. It is an understatement to say we will miss both of you and your skillful but loving hands. Both of you have become our primary Doctors and because you have our family is healthier because of it. In your new practice in Statesboro you will meet another family like ours but we doubt we will ever find another Dr. Gian and Dr. Michelle.

The "B" Family